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black & white film camera workshop

A Diary of sorts… This workshop will guide participants through the art of self-portraiture and narrative building using 35mm cameras with black and white film. In finding your story we will look at and discuss different types of self portraiture and visual storytelling including environmental, documentary, faceless, and studio. We will use photography to look inside ourselves. Participants will learn how to shoot and develop a 36 roll of black and white film and how to print a contact sheet and 8 x 10 inch black and white photographic prints. I have 5 or 6 film cameras to lend. Included in the workshop cost is a roll of B&W film, chemicals and photographic paper. Wed nov 1st 7-9, Wed nov 8th 7-9, Sunday nov 12th 7-9, Sunday nov 19th 12-4 Cost 175.00



In this workshop, you will explore the art of creating three-dimensional sculptures out of paper and other organic materials. During this 2 half days course students will learn to make handmade paper, which will then be cast onto three-dimensional objects. Then assorted materials (grape vines, blackberry vines, and other organic matter) will be woven, tied and incorporated into the shape of the three-dimensional form (ie. Head). Handmade paper will be applied as a inner and outer layer to create a dynamic one-of-a-kind sculpture. At the end of this course each student will learn how to make handmade paper, cast paper onto 3D objects, and weave and tie organic materials into shapes to create their final sculpture. No experience necessary.


Simple Wooden Marionette

The art of puppetry enables people to tell stories and foster self-expression through the creation of an inanimate object that comes to life through our manipulations. In this workshop, participants will explore the process of making a simple 8-string wooden marionette. Through the day-long class, each person will design and create their marionette from scratch. The workshop will include the initial drawing of the character, the assembly of the marionette using wooden blocks, dowels, balls, turned components, screw eyes, and pins. In the final stage, the marionette will be painted. After the creation of the marionette, we will string each puppet and begin to understand the importance of gravity, weight, and manipulation in relation to bringing your marionette to life. At the end of the course, everyone will have an original working marionette and an introduction to the elements of creating a simple wooden marionette.

dates: may 20th, 10-3

Location: The Old School House Gallery, Qualicum Beach, BC

class size: 8

cost: $160.00

freeze frame

This introductory workshop is designed for people of all ages, with or without experience. Participants will work in teams and produce a short stop motion animation. DESCRIPTION: Stop motion animation is done by manipulating different materials in front of a camera, creating the illusion of movement photo by photo, bringing that object or doll to life. We will look at object, clay, lego, whiteboard and articulated paper doll animation, and discuss storyboards, proper timing techniques, sound tracks and video editing programs.

dates: march 18th, 10-2

Location: ArtsPlace, Annapolis Royal NS

class size: 8

cost: $60.00

Dolls - from Paper to fabric

“Dolls – from Paper to Fabric” Dolls have been with humankind since prehistoric times giving us mystery, magic, play and power. This doll-making workshop will explore the creation of contemporary art dolls, paper dolls, and poppets using materials such as fabric, wood, beeswax, and plaster. Through personal narrative students will explore storytelling by creating dolls infused with energy and connection to the stories of their lives.

dates: march 11th & 12th, 10-4

Location: craft nova scotia, halifax NS

class size: 8

cost: $160.00

Shedding Skin

An inspirational workshop focusing on introspection and self-expression while exploring a wide variety of media. We will begin with photographing a self-portrait with an 8x10 camera onto black and white paper, followed by transferring this image onto canvas. Introducing different approaches to the use of mixed media and non-traditional materials in composition, the instructor will share his working methods of integrating signs, symbols, and mark-making to build and reveal layered surfaces of image. Students will work with their own personal narratives and focus on creating pieces rich with personal meaning. A balance of inner exploration and outer process.

dates: dec. 4 & 11 2022, 12-4pm

Location: Oakdene Centre, Bear River NS

class size: 7

cost: $110.00

Crash Course: Handmade Paper Making

dates: Sept. 25 2022, 2-4 pm

Location: Oakdene Centre, Bear River NS

class size: 6

cost: $40.00

Photography: Black and White 35mm film

This introductory photography course will cover the basics of how to use an analogue film camera, develop film, and print black and white photographs. The course will include the technical aspects of photography including the functions of a SLR camera, the exposure triangle (shutter speed, ISO, and aperture) in relation to film exposure, and how to use a light meter to properly expose film. The course will also include aspects of the history of photography and discuss different styles within photography including: portraiture, landscape, documentary, and still life.

dates: Starting July 31, 2022

Location: Oakdene Centre, Bear River NS

COST: $200.00​